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How This 5th Year College Student
Scaled Her eCom Store to $100,000 a Month
In A Little Over a Single Year...

(An eCom Babes Story)

In This Video Katherine Shares...
✅ How she scaled to 100k/mo right out of college

Why it's SO important to surround yourself with positive people who want you to win.

What words of advice she'd give to ANYONE looking to get started in eCom.

 How you can use this incredible opportunity to change your life too.

How This College Student
Scaled Her eCom Store to $100,000 a Month
In a Single Year...

(An eCom Babes Story)

Katherine's Top 3 Tips

Hey, it's Cortney!

Thanks so much for checking out Katherine's story...

I am so proud of her and she's such a shining example of what can happen when you bet on yourself, have patience and never give up...

After her interview, I went back and took notes on Katherine's Top 3 Tips that she mentioned...

Hopefully you find them helpful too!

BIG TIP #1 – Invest In Yourself

"...The people that are willing to invest in themselves every single time and keep investing and finding more information are the ones that really make it ahead."

Before joining eCom Babes, Katherine had her boutique for about 4 months. But even though she felt like she was doing all of the right things, sales were inconsistent.

Yet, just 1 year after joining the program... Katherine was able to hit an incredible $100,000 month.

The key takeaway?

Don't be afraid to invest in yourself, even if others doubt you or think your ideas are silly. 

BIG TIP #2 – Surround Yourself With Winners

"You have to surround yourself with positive people who want success like you and want to see other people successful too."

A lot of people doubted and even "pitied" Katherine when she started her store... They didn't believe in her. They thought she was silly for "investing in herself."

But inside the eCom Community group, she found a group of likeminded women who gave her the support she needed.

Without this support, Katherine feels like she "wouldn't have made it at all..."

The key takeaway?

You have to surround yourself with people who want the same things as you, and block out the naysayers.

BIG TIP #3 – Never Give Up

"It doesn't seem real that you could make this happen. But it is real. And you can absolutely do it if you're all in and you're really wanting it... It definitely can happen if you're patient and don't give up."

Katherine's story isn't one of overnight success.

She struggled for 4 months on her own before she joined eCom Babes...

Then it took a whole other year of hard work and patience for her to see the MASSIVE results she's gotten now...

But look how it paid off for her.

The key takeaway?

Go all in, be patient, and don't give up.

By far, my favorite part of the entire interview is when I asked Katherine how she felt after she made $100,000 in a single month.

"It didn't feel real...

That was more than I made in an entire year.

But in that moment I felt like I could do anything.

I felt good. I felt invincible.

I had no worries...

I'd been waiting for that moment so long, so when all of my hard work paid off it was the most amazing feeling.

And when you know you can do it once, you know you can do it again and again..."

Honestly, that part of the interview gives me goosebumps.

Because it's EVERYTHING that I want eCom Babes to be about...

Not just about making lots of money, living lives of freedom and taking care of those we love...

But really changing OURSELVES...

The way we look at ourselves...

Think about ourselves...

Love ourselves...

That's what true female empowerment looks like to me... 

And that's what I want for so many more women than just Katherine...

That's what I want for you.

So if you're ready to take a chance on yourself and believe that you can be and do so much more than you ever thought possible...

My team would absolutely love to speak with you to see how we can help.

Click the button below to schedule a call.

And whatever you decide to do...

Know that you can do so much more than you ever thought possible.

Believe in yourself. Be patient. Never give up.

Until next time...

Cortney ❤️

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